16:48 27 Feb 20
We had such a good buying experience! Our mattress being replaced was so worn out, our hope walking into the store was high hope. Not disappointed! Salesgirl was knowledgeable. Price was where we needed it to be. Tried a couple before getting our Sapphire. YES! I recommend this companies product, and have!!
08:41 22 Jan 21
I love my Sapphire Sleep Mattresses; I purchased a silver (king) 2 years ago and recently purchased a cool phase hybrid (king). I have nothing but good things to say about these mattresses and highly recommend them to anyone that has back pain, pain throughout their body due to lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and/or injuries sustained from an accident.
20:58 20 Feb 20
My back hurt daily before I bought this bed and I now have no knots in my back and no pain. My sapphire bed is the best bed I have slept on!!!
13:36 29 Jan 20
21:07 31 Jan 20
Went into the store and I was so amazed with the customer Service Representative Kayla in the Hammond, LA store She was on point and very knowledgeable about their products I thought I would have to fill out a lot of paperwork but I was done in less than 10minutes I recommend this store to all my family and friends ❤️❤️❤️
21:30 27 Feb 20
21:16 26 Feb 20
I’m in love with my new bed!! The copper one is amazing! I don’t get hot anymore at night and I don’t move/tossNturn. I am so happy with this company and the amazing products they produce.
20:32 19 Feb 20
I sell these and feel really good about these products. Our customers love them and we recieve nothing but positive feedback. I own one myself. I have the ice silver in a king and have had it for well over a year and it is still like brand new. I would like to address a few bad reviews that I have seen on this product. First of all, any stating that there is no warranty, is obviously a fake review, most likely by competitors. These come with a manufacturers warranty.... For the entry level memory foam it is 10 years, for the higher end its 20! Also customers that are upset about the no return policy at the stores... there is generally no returns on sale or clearanced priced items. Thats true for many retail stores. Our BoxDrop stores are exclusively at clearanced pricing. If you want a bed that you can return, go and pay full price on it, (over 4k) vs the 1k or however much you spent at your retailer. That is a pretty significant difference in amount. That is not a big problem for BoxDrop because customers know up front the deals and know that all sales are final. In most cases it is illegal to be able to resale a used mattress. There is a whole system in place regarding new mattresses to be rebagged for resale and its not cheap thus having to charge more for the mattress (like other retailers). That said, if there is a defect in the mattress, warranty covers a swap out. A lot of competitors also like to pretend that they were an upset customer and now cant return their mattress... I do agree that its not fun when you have an item that youre not happy with and you cant return it. That is another reason we want people to come to the stores and check them out in person, take their time and not rush into a decision. Thankfully, it has not been a problem for our store as we are very clear. The upside is you save a lot of money on a really good mattress. My advice when shopping anywhere: ask questions, take your time, and understand exactly the nature of your transactions. Regret buys are the worst! It is not good for the customers or a business. Lastly, if you buy from the sapphire sleep website, they do offer a sleep trial just in case anyone is interested. I believe its 101 days. Full price on these beds is a lot higher though as youre not buying them in bulk.
18:28 19 Feb 20
What an unbelievable mattress, we love our bed so much! We tell everybody we know about how good we sleep now.
14:21 18 Apr 21
I love back problems anymore..i just have to get the right bed sheets to go on the bed..the corners keep coming
22:36 29 Feb 20
13:51 19 Aug 20
Just got a cool phase hybrid. Mattress is a little stiff but is slowly softening up. Sleeping through the night finally.
18:38 27 Feb 20
A little firmer than I'd like. it takes about a week for the smell to wear off. But all in all its pretty good.
22:06 06 Dec 19
Purchased the Cool-Phase and i must say its been the best mattress ive bought .most definitely would recommend for anyone having A hard time falling asleep or with Back issues . This is a must have love it .
18:48 19 Feb 20
I got the soft Ice split top king mattress for our adjustable base - it was the perfect solution for my fiancee and I. We wanted to be able to adjust our position independently, but did not want a dip in between us. And as for the cooling, I can't say enough. I have always slept hot, this is the first mattress I have ever slept on where I didn't get hot and sweaty all night. Best sleep I have ever had.
21:39 20 Jan 20
Bought a Sapphire Copper mattress about a month ago This the best mattress I have EVER had! I have not slept well in years. Tossing, turning, waking up exhausted. Since getting this mattress, I am actually excited for bed time and get a solid nights sleep every single night!I read the other reviews and I have not had any of the issues others have reported.
00:16 25 Feb 20
We love the bed!
19:04 20 Feb 20
The mattress is very comfortable.
05:32 25 Feb 20
Extremely happy with the mattress I bought. I would definitely say, it is by far the most comfortable bed I've ever slept on. And the price? Cant beat it. 1 happy man at night.
18:53 28 Sep 20
Amazing service and awesome workers
04:40 26 Feb 20
Most comfortable mattress I've ever slept on!
18:46 19 Feb 20
I absolutely love my cool phase! Best sleep we have ever had! My parents just got one as well!
03:34 21 Feb 20
19:23 21 Dec 20
15:48 22 Feb 20
18:59 27 Feb 20
18:48 19 Feb 20
Sapphire Sleep is an amazing memory foam mattress that helps my customers sleep better! I highly recommend Sapphire Sleep if your in the market for a new mattress!
11:23 26 Feb 20
05:07 21 Mar 20
Okie dokie, first off LOVE this mattress. It is a king and we wanted too get rid of our queen and trade up to a king. (.We got it from a friend who got it WITHOUT his wife going. He like both my husband and myself have severe back problems so we all need a really FIRM mattress. This one is wonderful. But his wife went berserk because she wanted a softone so sold it to us and got a sleep number lol. his lose is our gain.NOW FOR MY PROBLEM: where in the world can I get a fitted sheet that will fit it. It has Sapphire Copper on its end and the measures 10" deep. Dear Lord it is next to IMPOSSIBLE to find a 10" fitted sheet anywhere I looked. Please help. All
18:51 19 Feb 20
Omg we love our mattress! We have been sleeping on it for about 6 months. 😍
18:50 19 Feb 20
Never slept better before!! Looking for a high-end mattress without breaking the bank, the thermic cool has everything you need for a great nights sleep for years to come. I would definitely recommend!
18:48 27 Feb 20
21:39 23 Mar 20
Mattress appears to be a little less sturdy than I was expecting but so far so good. I slept on it last night and got a good night's sleep. Excellent customer service!
05:19 29 Feb 20
02:01 22 Feb 20
22:10 02 Mar 20
I am very happy so far with my purchase. It has been 90 days and I still have the full support for my back from the day I first purchased.